Gastric Foreign Bodies

Gastric and Esophageal Foreign Bodies

During this time of the year, veterinarians encounter many cases of both gastric and esophageal foreign bodies. The weather is ideal for your dogs to run and play. Many times they chew up toys or other objects that they decide are toys. People also tend to go to lakes and rivers during the spring to fish. A nice juicy piece of shrimp or chicken liver is so tempting to your dog as it sits on the fishing hook. If you are not careful, you can loose both your bait and fishing hook and your pet may encounter the classic esophageal foreign body!

fish hook

Many times these objects can be retrieved with endoscopy, a service provided here at Eagle Veterinary Hospital.


But when your pet goes on a tearing and chewing rampage with toys and other objects, a gastric foreign body is inevitable.

Recently, Dr. Kirlin was presented with a 9 year old, male American Pitbull mix named Oakshire. Oakshire had symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and inappetence. No pain was exhibited upon palpation of the abdomen. After taking some abdominal radiographs, it was determined that a gastric foreign body was present. any object past the stomach cannot be retrieved with endoscopy. The object in Oakshire’s radiographs appeared to be lodged between the stomach and small intestine. Surgery was the only option.

oakshire 1

Good News! The surgery was a success! Dr. Kirlin was able to remove the foreign body. This is what it was:


A chew toy? A mop? Only Oakshire knows, and he is keeping it a secret!

We will never know but Oakshire and his owner are doing great!


Another success story at Eagle Veterinary Hospital!!

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