Top 5 Holiday Dangers to Pets

christmas pup

During the Holiday season, it is important to remember our beloved pets. According to pet emergency clinics around the country, this is a list of the top 5 dangers to pets:


While not toxic, it is very attractive to cats. Once consumed, it can cause serious gastric problems and can become fatal as it twists and bunches inside the intestinal tract.


Twinkling and shiny, lights are a big attraction for dogs. Chewing these lights can cause electric shock, causing severe tongue lacerations and an irregular heart beat leading to  possible death.

Gift Wrap Ribbon

Ingestion can cause gastric blockage leading to emergency surgery. It is also a chocking hazard.

Holiday Treats and Food

Festive treats, especially chocolate in particular is extremely toxic to your pets and can be fatal. Some holiday nuts can cause severe GI upset and in some cases can cause seizures and neurological effects. The Holiday turkey or ham can also cause GI upset, including pancreatitis.


Most pets are extremely frightened by fireworks. Emergency clinics around the country see an increase of hit by car cases during the new year celebration. These poor pets are startled and run for their lives only to be hit by a car. It is best to keep your pet indoors during the new year celebration. Many veterinarians offer sedation medications to help relax your pet during that time.

As we all prepare for the upcoming holiday celebrations, please consider the above information and help your beloved companions have a safe and comfortable time!

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