Kenneth Kirlin, DVM


Dr. Kenneth Kirlin came to San Antonio in 1983 after graduating from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. His passion for veterinary medicine stems from the pleasure he receives every time he helps his client’s pets recover from an illness or injury.

Seeing a dog wagging its tail or the cat that wants to be petted after their recovery brings Dr. Kirlin personal as well as professional satisfaction. After working for another practice in San Antonio, Dr. Kirlin started Eagle Veterinary Hospital in 1996, a practice that was originally started by Dr. Albert Nagle in 1947.

As a result of the continuation of this practice Eagle Veterinary Hospital was recently named a Texas Veterinary Heritage Hospital for more than 50 years of continuous service.
Dr. Kirlin is thankful for his outstanding Veterinary education which enables him to give back to his community in many ways.

Dr. Kirlin has served as past president of the Veterinary Medical Association of Bexar County and 4 terms as President of the Board of Directors of the Emergency Veterinary Pet Center. Dr. Kirlin currently serves on the Dean’s Associate Committee for the Center for Veterinary Medicine at Oklahoma State University and Chairperson of the Animal Services Committee of the San Antonio Area Foundation.
Dr. Kirlin enjoys traveling with his family. When not traveling together as a family, Dr. Kirlin enjoys backpacking and camping with his children’s Scouting and Venture troops. Dr. Kirlin and his wife Pamela, have 3 children, Nichole, Brenda and Wesley.

The favorite pet of their house is an Italian greyhound named Cody. The Kirlin household has also fostered many other 4 legged friends. The children have had many other pocket pets, such as fancy rats, rabbits, and tadpoles harvested into frogs.

Kirsten Hossalla, DVM

Associate Veterinarian