We at Eagle Veterinary Hospital are a full service hospital. We offer treatment and hospitalization for many chronic and acute illnesses such as diabetes, cushing’s disease, pancreatitis, toxicity, thyroid and heart disease, to name a few. We also handle many emergency and critical care cases. Besides these situations, below is a major part of the services we provide:

Annual Exam with Vaccines

Your pets should be seen by the doctor at least once a year for a full thorough physical exam. Geriatric pets (those 7 years of age and older) are recommended to be seen at least twice a year.


We offer the following vaccines:

Dogs: Rabies, DHLPP, Canine Influenza, Bordetella, Lepto, and Rattlesnake vaccine.

Cats: Rabies, FVRCP, and FELV


Ask your doctor or veterinary technician about our vaccine protocols. They will explain the recommended schedule of vaccines from when your pet is a puppy or kitten until it is full grown. A stool sample parasite check is recommended for both dogs and cats every year. This is important because intestinal parasites can be transmitted to humans! Dogs are required to have a heartworm test every year to safely continue with their heartworm medication. It is highly recommended that both cats and dogs remain on heartworm prevention year round.

Lab Work/In house Treatments

During your exam, the doctor may suggest lab work, especially as your pet ages. We carry top of the line lab machines to give the most accurate results available.


With our equipment, our skilled technicians can run a CBC (complete Blood cell Count), chemistry, electrolytes, thyroid levels, urinalysis, heartworm test, and FELV/FIV test within 10-15 minutes! We recommend lab work for the following services:

Surgery  *  Dentals  *  Endoscopy

Surgical procedures include OHE (spays), neuters, tumor or mass removals, ACL repairs, fracture repairs, aural hematomas, minor ocular surgery, laceration repairs, feline declaw, dew claw removal and exploratory surgery, just to name a few.


We use an anesthetic protocol that is safe and effective, administered according to your pets’ age and medical condition. Our doctors and staff are experts in pain management and your pet is required to stay overnight to assure full recovery.

Our dental procedures are performed to perfection by our certified veterinary technicians. Your pets’ teeth are scaled, polished, and sealed. A dental chart is also made for each patient.

Unlike most private veterinary practices, we are proud to offer endoscopic procedures! Upper GI endoscopy and Colonoscopy are ideal in diagnosing, with accuracy, chronic GI problems. We are also able to retrieve some foreign bodies using endoscopy. This is a quick and safer way than harsh exploratory surgery.


All of these anesthetic procedures are always closely monitored by one of our certified technicians. We monitor the heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, and IV fluid intake.

Veterinary Imaging


We offer the latest technology in digital radiographs. We are able to see images in great detail with our equipment, exposing any flaws in the skeletal structure or internal organs of the patient.



We offer ultrasound service which includes abdominal ultrasound, and limited echo of the heart. The ultrasound is also a safe way to collect urine for analysis. As a service, we also offer pregnancy checks. Ultrasound studies can compliment the radiographs by showing detail to the imaging.

Laser Therapy

We offer to our healing patients advanced laser therapy. This procedure is a process that helps in the rapid recovery and healing of injuries, lacerations and surgeries. Studies have shown that pets heal up to 30% quicker and are less painful when laser therapy is applied. Laser therapy is also available for geriatric patients dealing with arthritis problems and stiffness. Did your pet have some extractions during their dental? You now have the option of requesting laser therapy to help gums heal quicker and with less pain. Ask your doctor or veterinary technician for details.

Boarding and Baths

Besides the medical side of our facility, we offer a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for our boarding pets. See our special page for boarding details! Baths are performed with much care and detail. Your pet will return to you refreshed and smelling great!


To make an appointment for any of these services, call us at (210) 822-5211 or click on the link below to set up your appointment online.

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